Monday 25 November 2013

Aao Twist Karein (Come, Let’s Twist)

Well, this post is NOT about the Hindi movie ‘Bhoot Bangla’ released in 1965, which featured the popular song ‘Aao Twist Karein’ (come, let’s twist). Instead, it’s about the song’s namesake segment on Radio One 94.3 FM Bangalore (Karnataka, India).

What’s It All About?

The listeners are presented a tongue twister each day (Monday-Saturday) during the evening show between 5:00-9:00 PM, and they have to say it correctly maximum number of times in 10 seconds. As a linguistic exercise, check the number of times you can call out these example tongue twisters in 10 seconds from the evening show; ‘hottie nottie nottie hottie’, ‘a quick witted cricket critic’, or ‘she sells swiss sweets’;-)

How to Play Aao Twist Karein?

Once the Radio Jockey (RJ) introduces the tongue twister of the day, the listeners are prompted to call the station number +91 80 41156 943 to set the record or beat the record of another listener by saying the day’s tongue twister maximum number of times in 10 seconds.

Game Play

The listener who calls in first sets the record for saying the tongue twister maximum number of times. Once the record is set by the first listener, the RJ opens the floor to other listeners to break the current record. The listener, who breaks the record set by the first, second or third listener, wins.

Depending upon the station’s programme clock, it is the RJ’s discretion to set the iterations to two, three, four or more. Example, if the programme clock permits three iterations, the first listener sets the record, the second listener betters the record, and if the third caller to the show is unable to better the current record then the second caller wins. The modus is similar for four or more iterations.

In another variation of the format, a listener who says the tongue twister correctly above a certain number of times in 10 seconds is the winner, thus allowing for more than one winner on the show.

What’s the Prize?

The prize is valued at INR 1,000.00/-

What’s the Big Deal?

I like the way the RJ associates the day’s tongue twister to topical themes. The tongue twister ‘a quick witted cricket critic’, presented on October 23, 2013 coincided with India vs. Australia fourth ODI in Ranchi. Similarly, the tongue twister ‘hottie nottie nottie hottie’, presented on November 19, 2013 coincided with the birthday of former Miss Universe from India, Sushmita Sen.

Advertising Opportunities?

The prize sponsors on this segment are assortments of brands. When I last heard the show it was a mattress brand, earlier the prize sponsor was a cookie brand.

What Next?

I believe it will be more interesting if listeners are allowed to suggest tongue twisters for the show; and if the tongue twister suggested by a listener is selected by the station for the day’s show, the listener who suggests it gets recognized/gratified.

What Else?

In a multilingual and cosmopolitan city such as Bangalore, why the tongue twisters should only be in English? No, the tongue twisters are NOT always in English. The segment is sprinkled with ones in Hindi and occasional tidbits about the state’s native language Kannada. Who can forget the Hindi tongue twister ‘kacha papad, pakka papad’ made famous by Amitabh Bachchan from the bolly movie Yaraana. Incidentally, this twister too was featured on the show on a ‘Wacky Wednesday’ of November 20, 2013.

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