Thursday 26 May 2011

Water Water Everywhere…..!!!!

There was a phase in my career when I was looking out for a job. My CV was spotted on the job portal(s) by one digital marketing organization which is into the business of bulk SMS solutions and monetization of user generated SMS communities.  Expectation from the job profile was to maintain these SMS communities grouped under different categories, such as investment, jokes, etc. and simultaneously monetize these communities by pitching to prospective advertisers.
After three rounds of interview, in the fourth round I was asked to identify a TV / Radio (or any other media) campaign and conceptualize how the same campaign would have lended itself to the SMS medium.
I chose the campaign of a leading brand of packaged drinking water that was inviting consumers to discover the sweet taste of purity.
Well, I ran my imagination to come up with the below listed SMS triggers for the chosen brand:
To create a group named <name of the brand> with the following content:
 1> Water Time Outs: Many a time in office when we are engrossed in work, we tend to forget drinking right liters of water, these Time Out Alerts will remind us to reach out for that essential glass of pure water.
2> Given the fact that during monsoon, water borne diseases will be rampant. This set of content will focus on the kind of diseases that one can contract during this season. In case you are a parent with small kids (Say 6 Months - 2 Years) what special precaution you should take for your kids and yourself.
e.g  In case the tap water looks slight yellowish and one does not have access to <name of the brand>, what are the steps to be taken to purify this water. Since this will be a time consuming process, canned water is being promoted indirectly.
 e.g For a traveller, drinking water from different places may upset the stomach as mineral composition of water would differ from place to place. So what's the next best option...!!!!!
 3> Water Trivia - Interesting nuggets about water like a dip in Dead Sea can relieve one from skin diseases.
 4> What can be the other interesting use of pure water: Using pure water in face packs (if you have sensitive skin) or that the reason for hair fall may not be your shampoo.....but impure water!
- Comparison of <name of the brand> with Cola. Which is a better thirst quencher? There may be elements in cola which may not suit people with acidity, burping problem etc.
 - How to ensure the genuineness of your <name of the brand>.
 - Always crush your favorite bottle of <name of the brand> after use, to discourage counterfeiters.
 - If you use empty bottles of <name of the brand> at home, remember to discard them after a single use.
 - <name of the brand> has incorporated floral design in its packaging w.e.f 1st Jan 2010 (say for example). Always remember to check the new branding before you buy that bottle of <name of the brand>.
 - Quizzes about water: Largest dam, Largest river, Biggest hydroelectric power project, What do you call water in French, German etc.., difference between natural spring water and mineral water. Gratification could be a weeks or a month’s supply of <name of the brand>.
 - Interesting Bolly/Tolly/Kolly.. Trivia: In which of these famous movie, you remember watching the hero drinking <name of the brand> or say mention of <name of the brand>, which movie directed by Meera Nair derived its name from on and so forth.
 Thought provokers: if you use a disposable syringe why wash your "open" wounds with any water which may not be hygienic.
In hindsight I think, the above thoughts also lend themselves to a mobile application. The brand can have a mobile application presenting facets about water, how it helps one to stay fit etc.
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  1. great!!.
    i like idea for reminding for drinking water..
    now a days we badly need this kind of alert :)

    but hats off to your so many creative options u suggested


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