Tuesday 28 February 2012

What's the Offer..!

Taste Kahan Hai? (Where is the taste?), asked the ad of Everest Chat Masala. Well I don’t know where is the taste exactly hiding, but what I want to know is, WHERE IS THE OFFER? I am looking for the secret offer made to me in the ad of Rath Vanaspati (that I caught today on Colors), since then it is on my mind. I vaguely remember the last few seconds of the ad in which the voice over told me, "If I want to know the offer, I have to buy Rath Vanaspati!"
I wish I could have shared the ad with you, but could not find it on Youtube (searched with the string, Rath Vanaspati). Did not bother to search it on facebook, yeah, facebook is for more cool things in life and not vanaspati's. Vanaspati's are mumma’s stuff!
Assuming that a kilogram of vanaspati is not a big deal and the secret offer, in the calculative world of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products would be no different than:
·         Buy one get one free – Two for the price of One
·         Buy a product and get another product free – Buy a Toothpaste and get a Toothbrush free
·         Buy a product and get X% extra free – 1200 grams for the price of 1000 grams
·         Buy X number of packs and get one free or save Rs. X/-
·         Gold/silver coin – Inside the pack (I’ve been waiting to get one…!)
·         So on and so forth….
Does Rath Vanaspati have something better to offer? Is that the reason they’ve bought media on television to drive the curiosity and don’t want to spill the beans? Will it make people beat the path to the nearest kirana store upon seeing this curiosity arousing ad? Will the offer be big enough to induce repeat sales even without the offer?
Well here is the offer, if your answers match with those of our judges; you’ll win a surprise gift. Okay, I won’t keep you guessing, “One lucky winner stands a chance to win a kilogram of Rath Vanaspati!”

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