Thursday 10 May 2012

First Birthday…

Time surely flies by! Just last week I realized that this blog’s anniversary is due on 10th May 2012. The very reason this 1st Anniversary post is going up is YOU, had it not been your kind comments, emails and points of view, I would not have been motivated to even notice that it’s been a year of this blog.
I Thank You for the time you took to read my posts and share your comments even when you yourselves are masters of your respective domains.
The occasion necessitates a first on this blog, so rather than my, I present you thoughts from across the border from one of the readers of this blog.
***cuing music and drumrolls***
Presenting, Paul Chantler, who tells us today how to grow the pizzazz. The post Growing the Pizzazz is written by Paul, and is the 1st guest post on the 1st anniversary of this blog. So, whatever you read below are Paul’s words and if you disagree with him even one bit…shoot him on (or if you cannot wait to write an email…quickly type your comments in the comments box)
Happy reading J!
Click here to read the post.

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